Inovelan designs and puts into place innovative solutions for secure exchanges of health care data.

Inovelan, a software editor specialising in e-health is the leader in areas of secure messaging, sharing patients records on the net (chronic diseases, cancer care, dermatology, neurology, geriatrics, psychiatry) and telemedecine applications (diagnosis and long- distance processing, monitoring and prevention, CPR).
Inovelan designs, develops, puts into place and ensures the maintenance of its solutions: WebDCR and SantNet Box, which are implanted in over 300 institutions/establishments, networks, GCS and URPS making the work easier for over 200,000 medical professionals, paramedics or medico-social workers.
These solutions are recognised as innovative programs by OSEO ANVAR and INOVELAN has been chosen for national programs by the Ministry of Industry (VigiSanté in 2010 and VHP Interactive in 2012), this recognition is supplemented with strong industrial partnerships: AMD Télémédecine, GENERAL ELECTRIC, IBM, POLYCOM, SPIE, SUSE.


WebDCR offers the shared services of health data and the management of the day-to-day handling of health care to health providers.


The Santnet Box is a multi-service box dedicated to the communication and sharing of health care data. Its uniqueness is ‘data protection’. It allows automisation and the tracing of exchanged information as well as flow protection.
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