Coordinating file

The coordinating file WebDCR is a solution which is intended mainly for the multi- thematic territorial health networks and their professional collaborators within the health and medico-social sectors.
This solution, co-constructed with the business support of Poitou-Charentes, Picardie or even Lorraine, puts the patient into the heart of the health system whilst assuring the coordination of the different professionals.

It ensures:

  • The continuity and the quality of the health care of a user throughout the treatment.
  • The coherence between the medical treatment and the medico-social provisions

It allows:

  • To have the tools for evaluation and useful follow-ups in the action process
  • To be supported by the national framework

By using this solution, we can break down the barriers of the hospital patient records and ensure the continuity of health care. The Coordinating File WebDCR addresses the needs of the specifications PAERPA 2014.

All is (thus) together, in a protected manner and adapted to the different professional practices.