Management of CPR

Data exchange and sharing between health professionals, both visiting and hospital, is of capital importance for the treatment of chronic diseases or episodes of health care needing a multi-disciplinary coordination for the patient.

It’s with this in mind that the WebDCR platform answers with the CPR solution.

Throughout the french regions, working closer to the PS and their needs has allowed Inovelan to establish a bouquet of records CPR (more than 20 specialities covered in cancer) Today our clients are able to benefit from this particular experience.
Thanks to the Engineering software Workshop in ToolBoxTM, WebDCR can offer many personalised records and CR and CPR, which has not only convinced the cancer operators but also other specialists calling upon CPR (Osteo-articular infections, Staff in gerontology,…)


Within the framework of the Cancer Plan, the DCC WebDCR allows:

  • easier collaborative work between the different cancer care network operators,
  • to automatically supply the DMP from the documents produced.