In order to respond to the Regional Projects of Health care, telemedecine represents at present a major challenge regarding the various health departments. Facing expansive regions, and undergoing sometimes inequalities in the repartition of health professionals, the ARS and GCS are moving their strengths towards the setting up of innovative solutions, allowing an equal treatment for patients, wherever they may be.

Telemedecine is the answer!

The solution Telemedecine WebDCR provides a made-to-measure multi-disciplinary platform depending on needs and priorities.

Thanks to the innovative tools in ToolBox TM, the platform provides a bouquet of services:

  • Personalised processes Workflows
  • Communication by video-conference, or web-conference
  • Transfer and visualisation of medical imaging
  • Biomedical communicating devices (synchronous or asynchronous)
  • Mobility (web solution, tablet, mobile)

All this, while staying within the framework of the decree of telemedecine, as well as respecting the French and International norms (HL7, CDA-r2, Apicrypt, MSS, IHE-PAM,..) allows needs of many specialities to be met:

  • Tele-stroke
  • Tele-dermatology
  • Tele-dialysis
  • Tele-radiology
  • Tele-interpretation of EEG
  • Tele-cardiology
  • Tele-CPR
  • Tele-geriatrics, gerontology
  • Tele-pediatrics
  • Psychology

Through different focal areas:

  • Tele-consultation
  • Tele- expertise
  • Tele-assistance Tele-surveillance