WebDCR can offer the shared services of health data and management of health care to health operators.
It is adaptable to all types of settings (Cancer, Geriatrics, Chronic illnesses, Perineology, Perinatal care, Palliative care….) WebDCR is especially used in cancer care for the management of DCC (Dossier Communiquant de Cancérologie – Cancer communicating records).
It conforms to the charter of inter-operability of ASIP and WebDCR integrates easily into the existing information systems.

The Web Solution: WebDCR doesn’t need any installation on the ward.

It is fully configurable:
It is very quickly adaptable to the job needs, thanks to the integrated conception tools of workflows, forms, printing patterns and to a rules engine. Shared and integrated: The electronic health record centralises all information (Forms, Evaluation grills, documents, imaging, …) as well as the actions and events involved (alerts, planning and follow-up phases,…)

Fully controllable:
Multi-patient dashboard, multi-disciplinary, multi-pathological. Ergonomic:
It has an interface easy to understand with ergonomics similar to Windows or Mac.

It is secure:
Strong authentication, traceability (complies with CNIL and decree N° 2010 – 1229), secured communication…. Communicating/inter-operating: DMP, MSS, with respect to the inter-operability framework of the ASIP Santé.
WebDCR is based on the Intool Box technology. A real Workshop of software engineering (AGL), Intool Box proposes a simple graphic interface, of the type Wysiwg, allowing a rapid and efficient construction of forms, reports and workflow jobs